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Gorgias App Integration
Gorgias App Integration

Integrating PrettyDamnQuick into Gorgias

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Give your CS team shipping and fulfillment superpowers with PrettyDamnQuick. It plugs right into Gorgias to enable your CS operators full delivery management: pausing orders, modifying shipping methods, and more – all from your Gorgias dashboard.

How to get started

  1. From the Gorgias app store, click to install the PrettyDamnQuick App

  2. Switch to PrettyDamnQuick to confirm the Gorgias integration is activated in Settings > Integrations

  3. Toggle “ON” the widget setting

  1. Build your first Quickflow recipe using a template

    1. It’s where you define what you want to happen when a specific action takes place (for example, IF order is expected to arrive late THEN message customer)

What you can do using PDQ in Gorgias-

  1. Change an order’s delivery method

  2. Pause/Unpause an order (for orders in Assign)

That’s it! If you need help with anything just reach out to

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